Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Personalized Coaching

Judy Marcus
Founder and Client Coach

For over 35 years, I’ve helped dentists grow their $30,000 – $60,000 collections per month private dental practices to $75,000+ per month for a 3-operatory practice, and $95,000+ for 4 operatories.

This is with one doctor, one hygienist, working 4 days per week. Obviously with more space and more providers, the potential is greater. 

I consolidated the exact steps to accomplish this into a precise Checklist, laying out each point that must be in place in your practice to make this happen. With the hundreds of dentists I have personally worked with, I’ve observed that every practice that had every point of this Checklist in place ended up producing and collecting as above.

With personalized coaching I provide to both you and your staff, it’s taking on average about 6 months to achieve this. No travel is necessary. I provide all my services by phone, video-conference, and email.

I charge a few hundred dollars a month, month-to-month, with a money-back guarantee in the first 30 days if you don’t see a positive return, or don’t feel totally confident moving forward for any reason. No one has ever told me my fee is too expensive or they couldn’t afford it. I do not require a financially binding long-term contract.

Dr. J. recently finished working with me, after about 10 months – a little longer than usual. When they started, they were producing and collecting less than $50,000 per month out of 4 chairs. At the end of last month, we received this email: 
“January [2024] was great.  We hit a production record at almost 130,000.  There were 37 new patients.  Thanks for all your help.”

Some of the points addressed on my checklist:

Make sure you are attracting a sufficient flow of quality new patients.

Many dentists are spending money on third-rate (and sometimes very expensive) marketing that isn’t getting them the new patients they need. This causes some of them to resort to getting in network with low-paying insurance plans to stay busy. 

If you aren’t getting enough of the right type of new patients coming in, I can show you exactly why what you are doing isn’t working (and possibly never will), and what to do instead so this is no longer a situation.

This problem is so prevalent that in 2007 I decided to open my own dental marketing company. It was really important to me that my clients’ marketing was being done right, and as cost-effectively as possible. Today any dentists who want more quality new patients have a place to go where they can get all the necessary marketing services they need. 

When the phone starts ringing, we need to make sure every single new patient calling in is successfully scheduled and arrives.

If this is not a problem in your practice, that’s great! But if mistakes are being made, and some are not scheduling, I will help get this corrected by coaching and role-playing with whoever is taking these calls. This usually takes about 2 – 4 hours, but I’ll spend as long as it takes for your staff to feel comfortable, and confident they know what to say and can successfully deal with anything that comes up. I also provide them with my Expert New Patient Scheduling Manual to keep for reference. 

Even after our coaching and role-playing, they can always call me if they run into any surprise situation or difficulty, and I’ll work with them to resolve it. I find most staff want to do a good job of helping new patients arrive and are relieved to have someone to talk to about this sometimes-challenging area.

How many of your patients (new or existing) are prioritizing their oral health?

Are they routinely accepting and paying for the care you prescribe as medically necessary, regardless of their insurance limits? Too often dentists tell me how patients “want to wait” or “only want to do what their insurance will cover”. If you’re seeing this happen more than you like, in about 3 – 6 hours, with some coaching with you and your staff, I can help you get that remedied.

I’m not talking about high-pressuring patients to pay or using “slick” sales techniques. I have a better solution that is much easier to do and produces a vastly superior and more positive experience for your patients and the decisions they make concerning their oral health.

The impact of this on practice production and income cannot be overstated. Not to mention how many more referrals you’ll start to see.

Dr. D.’s practice had been stuck in a production/collections range of $30,000 – $50,000 per month for over 30 years and was declining. A few months ago, I did a 3-hour video coaching session with him and his front office staff. Patient care acceptance went to 92% right after, and collections immediately jumped up to $68,000 in one month. They’ve now sustained that higher level for four months straight. This is one doctor, one assistant, one front desk person, and one part-time hygienist, and it didn’t cost Dr. D. a dime in extra overhead.

Is your practice properly set up to support a rapid increase of $30,000 - $50,000 production and collections per month?

With more new patients calling in and more treatment being accepted, we have to make sure your team is efficiently organized to deal with a higher level of production and collections and can maintain it for the long term. Roles need to be defined and protocols established to keep things running smoothly as you grow. It could take a couple of months for me to work and collaborate with you and your staff to help get all the pieces in place. If any hiring or onboarding of staff is needed, I can help with this too, from start to finish, as well as assist with any “bumps” along the way.

With our help, Dr. I. and their team had experienced a significant increase in new patients, along with a lot more treatment being accepted. This was creating more demand for their services, and the organization structure in their 5-chair practice needed some tweaking. I spoke with them for an hour by phone, and we figured out a solution they were very happy with. They implemented it the next day, and by month-end, they had broken through the recent “ceiling” they’d been hitting, and production grew from $93,000 to $110,000
(without adding more hours or providers).

What about overhead?

I provide you with a very easy to use Practice Profitability Spreadsheet, created by my husband and based on his years of experience in small business bookkeeping. We will use this to see where your money is going every month, down to the dollar. Then we’ll work out exactly what has to happen to get your overhead where it needs to be. Within a couple of hours, you’ll have the “full picture”. Every dentist who has utilized this Spreadsheet has found out they are much closer to earning the income they really want than they ever thought!

“I started your program in February… my general dental practice was struggling to eclipse $40K per month and was quite stagnant. Thinking all along that what I really needed was better quality new patients I answered what I have come to think of as ‘the magic postcard’ from your company. Within the first month I hit $60K and went up from there, monthly. By August I had finally hit the ever-alluring mark of $100K… following your advice, that September we again had our best month ever to that point. It didn’t stop there. We kept growing and growing… Amazing. This was all due to just simply following your recommendations and delivering exceptional care in dentistry.

I do feel you and your husband have been more than anything else in my professional career…You are my family. Thank you for being the most incredible and caring people in the world to me.”
– N.H., DDS

Although there are a few more points I haven’t mentioned here, they are limited in number, and you likely have several of them in place already. It doesn’t have to take a long time to resolve the points we may need to address. I personally work with you and your staff to get each one fully in place, and some of them can be addressed simultaneously. By using my checklist, we get to the essential issues swiftly and directly without unnecessary time or complication. You truly don’t need to “go back to school” for a year or more to find out how to optimize your private dental practice. 

Some items you will NOT find on my Checklist: “Just raise all your fees”; open up nights and weekends; take on every insurance plan you can find; move to a bigger facility and bring in several associates; start offering your patients specific specialty or cosmetic procedures. None of these are necessary, in my experience.

If you’re interested in seeing my checklist and walking through it with me to see which points are holding down your production, collections, and income, as well as how I can help you resolve them, let’s schedule a time to talk; it’s free, and there’s no obligation. For more information you can submit the form below, email me at, or call me directly at 1-800-337-3009.

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