Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

In one month, I helped Dr. D. increase monthly collections by $31K and end decades of dependence on low-paying insurances.

With the personalized coaching on my Practice Accelerator Program, I have assisted hundreds of dentists across the country to build productive, profitable and thriving practices working 4 days a week, without having to be in network with low paying insurances.


Judy Marcus - 35 Year Dental Coach

According to a recent national survey, over 40% of dental practice owners are looking to drop out of at least some insurance networks, and over 50% consider low insurance reimbursement and insurance denials among their top 3 challenges. 

You can still have a practice that is maximally productive and financially successful, despite these challenges. My solution, with 35 years of proven success, is to help you transform your practice into “Non-Insurance-Driven”.

What is a Non-Insurance-Driven Practice?

A Non-Insurance-Driven Practice is one that is not driven by insurance. It is not “cash only” or necessarily “fee-for-service”. Instead of relying on low-paying insurances, it attracts a consistent flow of quality new patients who prioritize their oral health and accept their needed care regardless of insurance coverage. The result is maximum production and profitability.

What is the Potential of a Non-Insurance-Driven Practice?

3-chair practice

$75,000/month or more Production and Collections

4-chair practice

$90,000/month or more Production and Collections

1 Doctor
1 Hygienist
No specialty dentistry required

Open 4 Days a Week, No Weekends or Extended Hours.

(Potential is greater with more operatories and providers or offering extra services.)

“I get about 35-40 quality new patients every month, who can afford their needed care and are paying for it... I’ve never had to add on more managed care, open extra hours or change the way I do dentistry... I’ve got my million dollar practice." - JO, DDS

With my personalized coaching, I'll help you and your team accomplish the following and make your practice
Non-Insurance-Driven within the next 3 months.

Attract the Quality New Patients You Need

My data-driven approach will help you connect with more potential patients who can afford the quality care you offer. I will show you how to start seeing all the new patients you need within 4 – 6 weeks, economically and with virtually no effort on your part. Learn More

All New Patient Marketing solutions are provided as part of your free first coaching appointment.

Schedule All Potential New Patient Calls

If new patients call in but don’t schedule appointments and arrive, this can cost a practice 50% or more of its potential new patients and lose thousands in production and income every month. The protocols and coaching I provide front office staff are proven to help bring new patient scheduling up to 100%. Learn More

Help Patients Prioritize their Oral Health and Accept their Needed Care

One primary cause of an “insurance-driven” practice is too many patients not moving forward with necessary treatment. In just a couple of coaching sessions, I help you and your team master the process of guiding patients to make their oral health a priority, and accept their necessary care regardless of insurance  coverage. (No high-pressure or “sales techniques” required.) Learn More

Create an Organized and Efficient Team for Increased Productivity and Less Stress

My streamlined practice structure helps your team manage the essential day to day functions, so you can focus on patient care, while easily supporting and maintaining  $75,000 to $95,000 or more monthly production and collections. Learn More

Control Overhead and Maximize Profitability

Using my proprietary Profit Calculation Spreadsheet, tailored specifically for private dental practices, we’ll identify and eliminate potential profit-draining factors and ensure you’re on track to achieve an exceptional level of income that meets and exceeds your current and future financial goals. Learn More

Phase Out of Low-Reimbursement Insurance Plans

If you’re in network with insurance plans that don’t allow you to collect what you need, I’ll help you and your team take the right steps to phase out of them without negative impact to your practice. I’ll assist you with effective patient retention strategies, alongside of improving quality new patient flow, to increase production and income throughout the process. Learn More

Hire and Train Valuable Team Members

If you require assistance with adding to your team, or replacing an employee who leaves the practice, I can help craft and place employment ads, provide guidance on appropriate pay scales and incentives, personally review resumes and pre-interview candidates, and support you through the entire process until the right person is hired and established in their role. Learn More

Client Results

Schedule Your First Non-Insurance-Driven Practice Coaching Session with me - Free

  • 1 hour over-the-phone appointment. No cost, no obligation.
  • I will show you the 2 mistakes being made by almost every dental practice that isn’t seeing enough quality new patients, and how to get these corrected easily, quickly, and economically so you can start seeing the new patients you need within 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Together, we’ll identify precisely what is preventing your practice from being Non-Insurance-Driven and reaching its full potential for production and income, and by the end of this first hour, you’ll see for yourself exactly how you can have your ideal practice in the next 3 months, with improvements starting immediately.