Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Why Marcus Practice Solutions? An Interview With Judy Marcus

Q: What makes you the right choice for dentists?

Judy Marcus: Every client works directly with me; I am your consultant. You know who you’re going to be talking to, every time.

We’ve had dentists come to us who’ve spent over a hundred thousand dollars on other consulting programs without any real improvement. We never want someone to come to us and have to worry about that happening to them. Our program is month-to-month, backed by a money-back guarantee and not a single dentist has ever complained about the price or that it is too expensive.

We don’t have to support a massive facility or an army of staff. So you get the best possible help, directly from us, at a great price.

“…their personal care and attention has helped me achieve better results in a shorter period of time than anywhere else.” – MR, DDS

Q: How does your model fit with a general dental practice? Does it require any specialties or big changes in philosophy?

Judy Marcus: I never tell you to “sell” some specific service, or charge everyone for “extras” to drive up hygiene production or anything like that. We don’t tell our clients to raise their fees (unless it is appropriate for them) or charge exorbitant prices for certain procedures. 

One major change we help practices implement is to actually get paid for the work they do, rather than a huge percentage of their time and effort being absorbed by insurance adjustments.

While many dentists offer more advanced services than basic restorative crown and bridge and it can increase your production potential if patients are accepting and getting these things done in your practice, it is not required. If a dentist provides great care that their patients are happy with, there is no reason our model won’t help them be more successful. We do have clients who don’t do molar root canals (for example) or wisdom teeth extractions or place implants in their office, and they are still very much achieving their goals with our help.

“My time in the practice is spent doing quality dentistry. And now I have the personal time to enjoy my family.” – Stefanie Shore, DDS

Q: What about new patients? Many dentists may feel as though if they just had enough of the "right type" of new patients coming in, they'd be doing great. Why get consulting help in this case?

Judy Marcus: Totally true, you need the right type of new patients to have a practice not purely driven or dictated by insurance.. Unfortunately, marketing methods are very often not geared towards this, and thus attract more low-paying insurance based patients.

With our help, you will attract the right type of financially qualified new patients, and this can be done easily and efficiently.

At the same time, we work with you to optimize production from the patients you already have and ensure that they are accepting and moving forward with the care they need, resulting in more immediate income. These same strategies applied to additional financially qualified new patients being brought in will also result in a maximum of potential production and collections, without needing 70, 80,or 100 new patients per month, and allowing you to keep marketing costs (and staff costs) at a very reasonable range.

“My new patient numbers, which used to average around 10 per month, are typically around 40.” – James K Richards, DDS

Q: If a practice owner wants help implementing this system, does it require them and their staff to fly around the country for training?

Judy Marcus: Many dentists have no doubt experienced this with seminars and conventions. You go for a weekend, get all excited, go back to your office, and by Wednesday, you’re back to the same old routine – nothing has changed.

We deliver the assistance you need without you having to travel or send your staff out of town. You work on improvements in real time and see them happening every day in your office.

Q: What can someone do to find out more about your help?

Judy Marcus: The best option is to give me a call, email me at, or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment with me. I set aside time from my regular client appointments specifically for this type of call. If you don’t see a time available on my schedule that works for you, call my office and we will figure out a workable time.

You can also submit the form below if you’d like me to reach out to you first. We’ll discuss your current practice situation, and I’ll tell you if I believe I can help you, as well as how long you should expect it to take to get you firmly on the road to financial independence through your practice. As we’ve stated, this should be able to be accomplished within a few months, depending on where you are starting out.

If you feel your practice can be doing better, I hope to speak with you soon!

"Overall, my practice has more than doubled from a stagnant $40,000 per month to over $100,000 per month (and growing still)… Working with them was the best decision I ever made for my practice and for my life as a whole overall." - Stephen Huber, DDS

Judy Marcus


With a background in business management, organization, finance, and marketing, Judy has spent the last 35 years applying her knowledge and experience to help dental practices prosper. Her personalized consulting and coaching empowers practice owners across the country to accomplish their professional and financial goals on their own terms.

In her free time Judy loves hiking, running, and exploring the natural beauty of her home state of Colorado, alongside her husband of 42 years. She has two adult children and one grandchild.

Chris Marcus


A dental industry management and marketing expert for over a decade, Chris understands the unique issues dental practice owners face in today’s environment and provides precise and effective real-world solutions.

Outside of work Chris enjoys spending time with his wife and child and is an enthusiastic supporter of his favorite soccer and basketball teams.

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