Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Phasing Out Insurances with Unacceptable Fee Schedules

- Judy Marcus, President/Client Coach

Many dentists have done my Practice Accelerator Program with a major goal of getting out of low-paying insurance plans. They knew they wanted to but weren’t sure how to go about it and were afraid of the attrition they might see as a result.

I helped them prevent that attrition by focusing on some of the areas we’ve already discussed. Bringing in more quality new patients, getting case acceptance to an optimum level, as well as streamlining organization and finance goes a long way towards enabling a practice to confidently drop unworkable insurance plans.

One of my clients recently dropped a state-aid program he’d been in for many years. Because of the work we’d done to prepare, it didn’t hurt his practice at all – in fact, the practice just kept growing, and he was finally able to move to a better facility, something he’s wanted to do for a long time but never could.

I can assist with selecting which plans it makes sense to get out of, as well as the timing, and managing the patients in your practice who have these insurances for maximum retention.

I’ll help you make up for any potential losses from going out of network by having my non-insurance-driven systems already in place and working. With the right guidance and assistance, this can be a painless process with only positive results!

“I used to rely on managed care to bring in new patients. Now... I have been able to attract more fee-for-service new patients interested in getting the care they need.” – DF, DDS

“My practice has historically been very insurance-driven, with a high percentage of write-offs and collections plateaued at a level well below our potential… It’s 3 months later, and I just had my best collections month ever, nearly double from when I started.” – YP, DDS

“I have eliminated all HMOs and PPOs… Insurance is a non-issue for me. My patients take advantage of their insurance, but they do what is needed regardless of their insurance coverage.” – JL, DDS