Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

Marcus Practice Solutions, Inc.

dental marketing & practice specialists for over 30 years

How to Have Most Patients Prioritize their Oral Health – Regardless of Insurance

- Judy Marcus, President/Client Coach

How many times has this happened to you?

You’re presenting a treatment plan to a patient. Medically, the patient needs the treatment, but they’re not in any pain or discomfort.

The cost of the treatment is more than their insurance will cover.

The patient says, “I only want to do what my insurance will pay for” or “I get what you’re saying but I want to wait for now” or “I can’t afford it” (when in many instances they can).

I’ve been told at times that such patients are “not quality”, they’re “all about insurance”, or they have a “low dental IQ”. In my experience, that’s often not the problem.

I’m going to tell you something that I’m asking you to take on faith (for now).

In about 80% or more of cases: That patient is 20 – 30 minutes away from accepting and scheduling all their medically needed care.

It’s not that you or your team are doing anything wrong – there’s just something missing that once you know about and implement will make all the difference.

I can coach you and your applicable staff on how to remedy this in a matter of hours. Usually two coaching sessions, sometimes a third, is all you’ll need.

You’ll be able to help almost all of your patients, new and existing, understand for themselves the value of maintaining their oral health and accepting the treatment you prescribe, and you’ll see them change, by their own choice, to prioritizing their dental care over how much their insurance will cover.

The effect this has on a practice can’t be overstated. Not only will you see an increase in patient referrals (your patients will be excited for their family and friends to have the same positive experience they’ve had), but you will also see cancellations and no-shows practically vanish!

This is the single fastest way I know of for a practice to go from insurance-driven to non-insurance driven – virtually overnight.

Dr. A is a case in point (and I’ve had similar things happen with many other clients).

When he first contacted me, he was sure he needed a lot more new patients coming in to meet his production and income goals. But he decided to get some coaching for himself and his staff just in case they could improve a bit with their case acceptance. After implementing what they learned from me, he told me that with all the treatment now being accepted by the patients already in his practice, he had enough to keep as productive as he wanted to be, without having to do any marketing at all, for the next few years until he retires!

“I no longer constantly hear ‘I only want to do what my insurance will cover’. I can say with confidence my practice is no longer restricted by insurance AT ALL.” – MB, DDS

“We learned how to help our patients prioritize needed treatment so that today we aren’t affected by insurance limitations.” – PN, DDS

“The dramatic improvement in my case presentation skills resulted in almost all of my patients accepting the treatment that needed to be done to bring them to optimal oral health.”